Who are we?

Raktas provides value-added assistance  through Consulting & Advisory services, Education & Interim management, Principal investment across a spectrum of industries and geographies. These services are implementation focused and with quantifiable results. This approach often leads from concept through planning and implementation to realising competitive returns

Consulting, Advisory & Interim

These services cover the span from strategic through functional support for enterprises. Interim positions are undertaken to ensure that agreed goals and objectives are met: on time and within budget. For over 30 years we have worked in many sectors and functions across the globe. Our pedigree is drawn from: leading professsional service firms, financial institutions and enterprises.  

Principal Investing

Raktas has, on selected occasions, invested or co-invested or arranged for investments in ventures.  These ventures have ranged from start-ups to successive investments as well as financing working capital. To date the focus of investments has been in technology as well as real estate.

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