Oxford, Harvard, McKinsey and then life

Oxford, Harvard, McKinsey and then life

At Raktas, we are often asked to assist candidates thinking about applying to the uinversities of Oxford or Cambridge (as undergraduates) or Harvard Business School. It is flattering to be asked to assist. It is our pleasure to be helpful – our form of give-back.

In many cases the would be applicant realises that she/he lacks the grades, commitment and interest to pursue what is a very daunting task – even for the most gifted individual. Also luck plays its part- casting its net as it does through life. Other excellent candidates just can’t face the prospect of seeming rejection and never apply. For those who undertake the journey, they enjoy it, regardless of destination. Our assistance is wide-ranging, yet appropriate.

So, is applying worth the effort? The short answer is “yes”. Dreams should always be explored. This cover of Shakira’s “Hips don’t lie” by some Oxfiord gradautes reveals what one can do on one’s journey. Elsewhere we have offered up a sample answer to a timed  (45 minutes) Oxford entrance exam question: “How heavy is atmopshere?”.

Don’t misunderstadn us there are great many sucessful, content and productive individials who never though of Oxbridge or Harvarad or the likes of McKinsey. For example, many of the present mobile app billionaires hail from technical backgrounds, or places like MIT or never finished high school. To some English is a second, if not distant language. To a woman and man they are eqaully successful, if not more so than the classic blue/crimson route. Still the claissic rite has an appeal an cache, howeveer worn.

It is an attribute of modern society that one is constantly being judged and forced through a series of finer and finer sieves of assessment. School, university, first job, second degree and a better second job which sets the trajectory through to one’s 40th birthday. A path that sees one contributing more and more at: home (as a partner even parent); work and the community. Trading places and economics.

One of our members is Justin Jenk. In his case the path started with Westminster School and then onto Oxford, Swires, Harvard, to find himself at McKinsey (a partner by the age of 35). He was a curious and above average student with lots of energy, determination and a certain amount of charm. Sports (rowing in particular) and other interests (reading and music) channelled these attributes and helped to complement his academic prowess. Success was a functyion of energy, deterimation and luck. Summarising Justin Jenk’s progression would be as follows. Westminster whetted the appetite. Oxford honed the mind. Harvard taught one to spot the spots and draw the lines. McKinsey provided a canvas to imagine, creating opportunities that brought benefits to many  in all sorts of forms. All reflected a continuing path of entrepreneurship.

If one wants to apply for Oxbridge or Harvard there is a great deal of information available on this and other sites. In addition there are plenty of other sources. Start with the universities; speak to family and friends, search out alumni.

As for Raktas we work with decision-makers; building businesses as well as transforming banks and companies; often when they find themselves in complex situations and resource constrained. Our successes are invariably positive as we work together to combine IQ, EQ and MQ. Executive education courses are just an aspect we can help with: trading experiences and getting the best economics out of one’s career and opportunities. So if you want to apply to Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard or wherever feel free to read our posts here on Raktas or at justinjenk.com, justinjenk.se or posts on the web.

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